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Freedom Media appreciates the good businesses out there. Amazon being the leading player in the world, have something special. We believe in direct collaboration; not in direct competition. This is why we have a whole bunch of experts who will let your business grow with Amazon. Connect with our Amazon Team Experts to expand and meet new heights with Amazon. Whether you already have your store created or want to create one, Freedom Media will help you get the most out of every dollar invested.

Amazon has become the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world. By providing products from A to Z, they have become the pioneer of their field. The daily traffic numbers that are on Amazon far surpass any other marketplaces. Amazon is not just a name of a business, rather it’s place, a location, a shelter where customers get what they want to get.

Along with the customer segment, Amazon also provide wide range of services for business to become the part of it and grow under their umbrella. If your goal is to bring your product to Amazon our team will provide a product strategy as well as branding approach in order to capture consumer attention. Freedom Media also believe in brand management. Just selling a product and earning some bucks out of it, is not the way to do a proper business. Rather, building a brand equity and maintaining it with proper positioning strategies is something that yields more profit in the long-run.

This is the reason why Freedom Media provide variety of services to let your business stand on its feet.

• Analyze whether or not Amazon is for you.

• We strategically plan what space and niche you are trying to capture on Amazon.

• Plan out the exact goal for your product as well as present a full overview of competition and number analysis to show the potential profit margins.

• Build out the store and micro manage any needed changes as well as inventory.

• We have experience working with and developing Amazon stores for a variety of different industries.

Our Four Step Process

Freedom Media has designed a four-step model using which our professional team of individuals provide remarkable services to let you build your own brand with Amazon.

1. Market Research

We dive into your brand and look competitors to see if Amazon is for your product.

2. Paid Media

We launch your products on Amazon after giving you proper research and background data while running sponsored posts.

3. Sales & Inventory

We analyze the data from our sales and inventory in order to maximize efficiency and profitability.

4. Maintain Brand Image

We manage and maintain the store page making sure your products are worthy of sustainable growth.

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