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Conspiracies exist in the market that whether a business should conduct a competitive analysis and product-market fit audit or not. However, many researches have proved that any kind of external or internal audit is a healthy activity for a business to grow. Frequent audits help a company to point out the strengths and weaknesses of a business.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Using that knowledge of its strengths, an organization can devise a strategy by keeping in mind those strengths. Moreover, with the help of knowledge related to weaknesses, a business can design and deploy suitable training sessions. These training sessions would definitely focus on directing the overall organizational structure and its growth in the long run.

Therefore, the audit is a healthy activity to conduct but finding a professional competitive analysis and product-market fit audit agency is quite a hectic task.

Our Competitive Analysis Audit

Freedom Media Group is a brand that builds brands. Our team focuses on each and every aspect of your business and design and develop strategies that are personalized only for your business. Freedom Media Group have got your covered with its effective audit strategies that will let you understand your business more clearly.

Our Audit Process – How We Initiate

First of all, the basic step is to identify and know your customers. Identifying and knowing them are two different approaches to follow.

Customer Segmentation

This where the concept of customer segmentation comes in. Freedom Media Group pays a very close attention to the details of your customers. We also encourage several meetings to better understand your target customers. It helps us narrowing down some of the most important characteristics of your customers which further helps in conducting a product-market fit audit.

Understanding Your Competitors

The knowledge about the competitor is equally important in terms of sustaining your business.

As customer segmentation important, knowing your competitors is equally important. The knowledge of your competitor must rely on credible sources. Consider the market as a military battleground where enemies compete head-to-head.

Marketing techniques might be termed as they have brought the principles of military.


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Our Process