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Being a conversion optimization service provider in Chicago, Freedom Media Group proudly stands at the front. Your business can have a blazing increase in sales just with few tweaking in your business’s ecommerce website. All it needs is a step to consult us.

What is Conversion Optimization

Basically, the term ‘conversion’ itself explains the concept well. Every business wants to CONVERT its website visitors into real customers or their potential customers to real customers.

So, what exactly does a conversion optimization service provider do? Well, their job is quite professional and they know what needs to be tweaked in order to get desired response from the visitors. It’s all about driving your visitor’s intention and lead them to buy an item.

Well, we at Freedom Media, believe in easy explanations, so let’s get straight into it.

Suppose Your Business to be Someone’s Else!

Suppose you’re not running your business, rather you’re a CEO at Walmart. Have you ever observed that each and every strategy of theirs is always successful? No doubt, one can easily point out that it’s only because they’re the market leader. Well, let’s go two decades back and now review their strategies, sounds suitable, right?

The point of focus is not on how well they’ve performed in the past. The key point of focus is how well YOU’RE going to perform in order to bring increment in the growth rate or either keep it at equilibrium at least.

You noticed that most of the visitors are potential buyers looking to buy something but don’t buy anything. This is where conversion optimization service provider comes into play. You place an order and he claims to increase 20% of your online sales and surprisingly, within a few operating weeks, you get what you were asked for; 20% increased sales.

What Does a Conversion Optimization Expert do?

In this whole goal-oriented process, a conversion optimization service provider change design of your website, troubleshoots the required backend errors, place things where they should be, and fully optimize your website to make it sure that every potential customer gets enough information, place an order, and become a part of your real customers.

Freedom Media as a Leading Conversion Optimization Auditor

Freedom Media is a leading conversion optimization service provider in Chicago. We make businesses grow through our conversion plans. Our team also audit your existing conversion plans if you’re using any, and make suggestions to either edit it or to shift towards a new plan.


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