Creating Brain Value Chain – Strategic Model

The brand value chain is a very unique concept to study. Businesses should focus on building not only brands, but also to product a value chain from it. The concept of value chain is basically derived from meeting your customer’s demand. If the expectations that a customer binds with your product becomes satisfied, then your business is delivering value. In a modern world of marketing, every business sector must design and implement an effect brand value chain to flourish. This brand value chain will increase their goodwill in the market and ultimately, will enhance their market share.

Brand Value Chain Model

There is an entire model that we use to build brands that provides not only better services, but better value chain as well. We’ve explained the following model that explains the development of brand value chain.

Marketing promotion investment

The marketing mix is the core of this portion. In the initial stage of marketing promotion, marketers should invest most of their resources in the 4Ps of marketing. The 4Ps of marketing includes the product, price, place, and promotion. Marketers must focus on these essentials pillars of marketing to let customers know about your business.

Customer’s mindset

In the next stage, the mindset of customers comes in play. All the marketing activities managed and performed by the marketers must be aimed to build positive mindset among customers. Every marketing activity will be vain if it isn’t generating positive vibe in the market.

Market Performance

Suppose you made an ad that got much hype in the market. People are talking about it, your brand is getting fame, your exposure is getting increased, that’s good! But what about the impact it generated? Did it actually help generate more sales? The positive mindset that you built must be converted into market performance in terms of ROI or other accounting tools.

When market performance is up to the mark, your business will effectively flourish. Freedom Media knows how to make an ordinary business, a brand! Consult us for more information.

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