Email Marketing and the Modern Techniques

Emails have been a biggest tool for running awareness campaigns in last two decades. There was a time when companies used emails as a primary source of targeting the generalized world. Initially, there wasn’t tools for segmenting the right target audience and companies thought that the entire internet is their set of target customers.

But later on, with the hype of social media platforms, emails got limited to files sharing and proposals only. Emails can still be a great tool of marketing and making any of your campaign a successful one. All it needs is proper planning because email inboxes are now used mostly for formal purposes. Let’s break the whole process in chunks.

Organic Subscription

Initially, all you need is to do a basic step of building trust. By building trust, it means that you must organically bring them get registered. So that they subscribe with their own consent, otherwise things might get worse. A person who haven’t even subscribed to your news feed or social media advertisement wouldn’t like you to fill his/her inbox with all your marketing stuff.

Once they gets registered, try using what we at Freedom Media call a ‘Nurturing Drip Series’ of email marketing. It’s just like a dripping drops of water regularly after an interval of time. This is how you’re going to send emails; regular emails with regular intervals but not too much!

What About Email Stuffing?

No one likes to get tons of messages. Keep in mind that your emails are your communicator. If you’re not communicating in an ethical manner, your brand image would literally get damaged. For retail outlets, this point is quite necessary. They’ve tons of products on their shelves that needs to be sold but this doesn’t mean that you send emails of all the offerings to everyone on your list.

Our Email Strategies

Freedom Media helps you generate effective and eye-catchy strategies for email marketing. Freedom Media offer following email strategies that would help you make your email strategies more effective and result-generating:

  • Nurturing drip series
  • Post-purchase series
  • Abandoned cart notifications
  • Birthday reminders/gifts
  • ‘Winback” series
  • Refer-a-friend series.
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