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Emails are one of the most important factors of a business. They are a source of primary communication between the customer and the business. Being a great communication tool, emails are important to target customers individually.

But the important factor to consider is the precision of the email. There are hundreds of factors that must be kept in mind while constructing an email message. For instance, your email must not convey a message that sounds suspicious. Be real, be credible, be precise, and be regular in creating valuable message.

Communication Process

Communication is actually a two-way process. So, your email must include a persuasive tone in order to make the email campaigns fruitful. Freedom Media provides professional email solutions to your business. Our team generate new and creative ideas in order to persuade your target audience to make a purchase.

Our Strategies

Our team of email marketing experts understand the touch points necessary to engage, nurture and retain your most important users. We deliver a few of the following high-impact workflows (and more):

  • Nurturing drip series

  • Post-purchase series

  • Abandoned cart notifications

  • Birthday reminders/gifts

  • ‘Winback” series

  • Refer-a-friend series.

Sensitivity Issues

There is a very thin line between the consistency and overdoing of emails. No doubt, you should send emails on regular basis, but you should also keep in mind that people mostly don’t like their inbox to be filled with your emails. Emails are quite sensitive tool to use, if used properly, it can bring great revolution but if mismanaged, it can ruin the repute of your entire company in just a fraction of a second.

Your strategy must not be like sending dozens of emails in a single day, rather you must use a drip-series campaign. In drip-series campaign, emails are sent on regular basis after intervals of time. Freedom Media offer dozens of strategies that focus on making your email campaign more creative and productive.

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