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Searches Converting Into Sales

Keeping your business up to date must be your first and foremost priority in the current era of marketing. Freedom Media is partnered with Google to bring your business to the frontline of searches. It’s all about being on the top of the Google searches, not by magic, but with giving users what they need to get. We work with both big and small businesses to keep your brand up to date. Being flexibility with our partners is one of the leading characteristics of our organizational culture that help our partners achieve their short and long-term goals with precision and accuracy.

Hitting your right set of customers, with right tools, at right time, with right product or service, is the key to success. Google AdWords brings insights to searchers who are directly your target market for the product or service you may be selling. We double-check every step to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Moreover, the right keyword to choose is another aspect of being successful. Freedom Media helps you do that as well. Our professional team of bidding experts are able to describe the most important keywords for your business. The keywords you use must be relevant to your operational domain of business. Otherwise, things will contradict with Google’s Algorithms.

Freedom Media helps your business to grow by:

• Finding the right keywords for your businesses goals that are most likely to drive customer traffic and new revenue.

• Analyze and automate the data in order to optimize your budget.

• We have experience working with and developing Google AdWords for a variety of different industries, businesses and goals.

• No long-term contracts we control your ad spend on a weekly basis.

• We also manage Bing and Yahoo Campaigns.

Our 3 Step Process

Our 3 Step process helps you discover new dimensions of your target audience using which you can design campaigns to achieve goals and ultimately, monitor and optimize the process where needed.

1. Discovery

Analyzing your target audience and correlating your goals with the brand vision. Determine the best creatives to market your brand.

2. Campaign Design Goals

Ad copy is very important and has a major impact on conversions; we create multiple versions to A/B tests when needed.

3. Launch & Optimize

We continually adjust and optimize your campaign when it is needed in order to maximize your reach.

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