Helpful Digital Marketing Methods for Dropshipping Businesses

Can you effectively promote your dropshipping business within your budget?

What are the best marketing tactics to keep your dropshipping business one step ahead of the competition?

These are some of the most common questions that dropshipping business owners ask online. Everyone wants the best advice for their business to succeed, that’s for sure!

If you and your business have similar goals, these marketing tips may help! Check out these proven tactics instead of scrolling endlessly through hundreds of unconfirmed search results.

  • Begin a Referral Program
    Referral programs are very relevant for promoting dropshipping businesses for two reasons. The first one is that referred customers are more valuable than regular customers because they trust the people who recommend the company. Second, referral programs allow companies to reach their most loyal and enthusiastic customers directly.
  • Set Up an Affiliate Program
    Using an affiliate program means an onboarding partner who helps promote your business to its audience. This allows you to reach a wider and more enthusiastic audience from sources you already know and trust.

    Affiliate programs are also cheap because you only have to pay when your affiliate brings you sales. A well-performed affiliate program can make up 20% of your sales. It’s a mutually beneficial situation!

    Many marketers recommend dropshipping shop affiliate programs. Because they often have high-profit margins. Issuing rewards for orders is only possible in this case. Otherwise, the commission will run out of profit and the slight rate of return will be almost eliminated.

  • Utilize Discounting Strategies
    According to the statistics, 41% of online shoppers decide to buy just for a discount-it’s a great opportunity! It’s easy to give a discount to a dropshipping store as people like to find the best deals. However, too many discounts can consume revenue, so a well-thought-out strategy is needed here.

    There are many discount strategies to choose from, but it’s a good idea to try each one to see which one works best for your business.

    Here are some types of discount strategies:

    1. Volume Discount– It’s simple, just apply discounts to encourage customers to buy more products. The more they buy, the bigger the discount.

    2. Bundled Discounts– This strategy involves giving discounts to the purchase of bundles and kits that include multiple products.

    3. Event Discounts– Discounts can be shared with customers on birthdays, public holidays and other special occasions.

    4. Buy One Get One Discounts– You can implement this strategy to sell some products while giving your customers a good reason to shop.

    5. Free Shipping Discounts– For example, you can offer free shipping to your customers for orders totaling over $70. This is another great way to increase sales while saving for them.

For these discount strategies to work in your business, you need to understand gross profit, markup and break-even numbers. They show you what kind of discounts do not affect your income.

Collecting abandoned carts is another way for drop shipping shops to use discount strategies to increase sales that would otherwise not be completed. When a customer adds a product to a cart, the company sends a series of three abandoned cart emails, the last email containing a discount.

  • Providing Marketing Offers Via Text Messages
    Text messaging is a direct way to reach your customers and is reviving with modern digital marketing strategies. According to an e-commerce survey, shoppers are 10 times more likely to use SMS coupons than traditional coupons and when combined with an SMS open rate of 98%, it’s compelling to use SMS to promote dropshipping stores.

    To create an SMS list, you need to provide users with a compelling reason to sign up for the campaign. This can be achieved by offering exclusive transactions and discounts available only to text subscribers.

    On top of the high open rate, the best thing about SMS marketing is automation. You can collect subscribers on autopilot thanks to website banners and popups and SMS marketing apps already have nice templates to speed up campaign creation.


Provided above are great tips for effectively promoting your dropshipping store. You can try some tips in your marketing strategy to get the best results. Or, consider consulting your marketer to see what works right away in the market.

Consider trying and testing as many marketing techniques as you can to see which one works best for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for increasing sales, but you can try these tips to reach your marketing goals much faster. Please do your best!

We at Freedom Media Group can help your brand in terms of building a road map to success with all of the abovementioned. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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