Not Every Ad is for Everyone – Guide for Starters

Marketing is far beyond running some ads on media platforms. It’s about seeing the unseen and observing the unobserved.

Running advertisement without a plan is like throwing a spaghetti at wall and assume it to stick. Things don’t work like this in real world of business. No doubt, advertisement is a significant element of marketing but it needs more attention.

Not Every Ad is for Everyone

Not every ad is for everyone. Businesses try to copy or either replicate some other business’s jingles and mold it, somehow, to use it for their own campaigns. Things that worked for someone, might not work for you. Marketing is considered so underrated that most of the people think that it only consist of running some ads and that’s it.

Traditional Marketing Tactics

No! The traditional way of marketing has gone now. Everything is psychologically connected among the customer market. One wrong move can cripple you down on your knees in the market. There exist a list of businesses that worked well, provided great service, great products. But when it came to building brand name and spreading brand awareness, they failed to do so. Ultimately, they faced the most threatening state of customer churn.

Market Saturation and Customer Churn

In a saturated market, once the customer churn happens, it starts to spread like a jungle fire. It is quite evident that the market is saturated with hundreds of thousands of suppliers running their businesses just to capture that tiny set of customers.

The market is contingent and Freedom Media knows what needs to be targeted. We design and deploy effective, modern, and unique strategies that are tailored for your products and services. None of the real marketing service provider would ask you to sky-rocket your business in a night, it can’t be done by miracles, but by techniques like viral marketing to be specific.

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