Perks of Viral Marketing – How We Create One for Your Business

Viral marketing is a new type of marketing where a business uses Word of Mouth strategies to get in front of every customers. The Word of Mouth, most of the time, spread rapidly on electronic medium and hence, the concept of Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) came into existence. Everyone starts to talk about it. Viral marketing is a process of strengthening your brand recognition at least. However, there are a lot of sensitive dimensions attached to it that one must take into consideration.

Brand Recognition and Brand Recall

Top tier companies are also looking for creating replica of viral marketing due to the perks it provides. For new ventures and starters, viral marketing can be a key source to increase their brand awareness which includes the most significant element; brand recognition.

For big ventures, viral marketing can bring great wonders. To strengthen the brand recall, companies try their best to create a certain strategy that either becomes viral or it becomes the part of the already running viral campaign.

Story of Being Viral – Positively

At this point you might be thinking, how can I trust viral marketing after all? Well, although it’s a very sensitive topic to discuss and it takes time to develop, but it can be a game-changer. You might be familiar with that retweeting story of a lady who wanted to have one-year free nugget supplies from a store.

She tweeted at their official Twitter page, and the representative replied that if you get a specific numbers of retweets, we can give this offer to you. Ultimately, she single-handedly achieved that target in a quite viral way, all the celebrities helped her achieve that. It went quite viral in United States that it broke the world records of most retweets.

Final Thoughts…

The only point to quote this story is to give you an idea that what if that person sitting in an office wouldn’t have replied? What if he ignored that tweet? Her tweet would have piled up somewhere. But consequently, that store’s brand name went viral. It helped them achieve more exposure in the market.

Here’s the final thought, if viral marketing is used properly and designed correctly, it can do WONDERS. This is where we comes in. Being the best social media marketing agency in Chicago, Freedom Media helps you build your own viral marketing strategies. We have a team of thinktanks who take every dimension into serious observation and construct a strategy suitable for you.

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