Process of Positioning Strategies in Customer Market

The positioning is basically a whole process of marketing and it’s the place that your company captures in the minds of a customer. The concept of positioning is quite important to study. You must be confident about the fact that what you envision about your brand image, the customers are having the same image as well. Both sides of a business must be on a same page. Ideally, there must be no difference between the expectations and reality of brand image.

Positioning is Always Relative!

Anyhow, the positioning is always relative. Now, the concept of being relative is quite interesting. During a thought process of a customer, things are getting placed at several positions on a mind-map. A customer place brands on grids on the basis of several characteristics. Suppose, brand A is better than brand B in terms of fast internet service or brand B is better than brand A in terms of fast response rate.

Customer Segmentation

This perception might be different depending upon the different sets of customers. This is why we always talk about customer segmentation. Every company must always segment its customers on the basis of several factors. The reason behind customer segmentation is that whenever marketing managers design a strategy, it becomes easy for them to keep in mind several touch points of a certain customer category.

Process of Positioning

In position process, it is quite mandatory to follow certain steps to make position more effective. The first stage includes the choice of right set of customers. You must know exactly about your target market. Secondly, you must know the nature of the competition. Know your competitors in the market because you must know about the dynamics of your battle ground.

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