Effect of Multipliers in Brand Value Chain Model

The brand value chain model is quite necessary to understand and study. Brand work really hard to make their businesses brand but can’t get it through. The process of making an ordinary business a brand requires a lot of intuitive skills and expertise. However, everything’s possible when you have a committed team working along with you. The human resource of a company is what makes a business a brand.

Highlights of Brand Value Chain Model

Although, we’ve already discussed about the entire process of building brand value chain model in our recent blog. The importance of building a productive brand value chain is crucial to understand because it’s ultimately going to impact your brand image in the market. Moreover, a brand value chain is also important to study because it lets you build strong and loyal bond with your customers.

Along with the social media campaigns, the brand value chain model must be oriented in a way to bring loyalty among customers. This is where the concept of multipliers comes in play. The model had three important phases; investing in marketing activities, building positive mindset of customers, and market performance that it brings.

Effect of Multipliers in Brand Value Chain

The multipliers are basically the external forces that impact these three phases of brand value chain. They work like moderators in between the relationships of two phases. More than one multiplier can simultaneously have an impact on the performance of a phase. They either enhance the impact of one phase on another or they diminish their impact.

Impact of Multipliers

The multipliers can play an integral role in making a brand value chain campaign more effective. Moreover, it can also cripple it down if ignored. For instance, if right amount of investment is made in marketing activities but one of your competitor’s investment in their marketing activity is much more effective than yours. In this situation, your activities won’t be able to create positive mindset among customers because your customers are shifting towards your competitor’s brand. This situation is quite disturbing to observe as a manager.

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